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Help stop the closure of the Searchlight Youth and Community Centre Building

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Searchlight Youth and Community centre has been running for over 30 years and is very important to a lot of people. To save money for the council, Achieving for Children (who took over running the youth service among other services for young people from the council) have proposed that 4 out of 8 youth centres need to be closed to save money. Searchlight is just one of these buildings.

I go to Searchlight youth club myself and to close this club would leave us (me and all of my friends) without anywhere to go, where to see each other and get support if we need it from the most amazing youth workers, who do all they can to help each and every one of us with anything we may need. Their reasons for closing Searchlight include that it doesn't have the best facilities compared to other clubs, that the club is underused and that they want to be able to use the youth workers to be able to go out into the community to help young people that could be more at risk of behaviour such as drug taking, sexual health etc. This isn't true.

They shouldn't be categorising groups of people, that some may need more help than others because you can't judge a book by it's cover, you can't say that one young person may be more vulnerable than the other. At Searchlight currently, there are three youth club nights that give young people a chance to socialise and keeps them off of the streets, and have some fun with their friends, as well as others who also use them, such as the princes trust.

Closing this building would mean leaving lots of young people distraught without their youth club, without anywhere to go and have fun and socialise and be able to get some help and advice or even just a chat with the youth workers. This youth club may not be the newest, the one with the best facilities or have much going for it, but the things it does have are a safe place where young people can access help and advice, a place to be able to go to and have fun with friends, meet new people, and memories, for a lot of people.

So considering all of these points, please help us to stop the proposal of the closure of our youth club by signing this petition, thank you.

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