Help us provide a safe crossing for Farm Road Pre School

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Kingston City Council have plans to make Farm Road safer for our kids. But the proposal to provide a crossing outside the preschool has been scrapped as one huge gum tree is blocking the design plan. This tree is dangerous and has lifted the footpath so that kids regularly fall off scooters or trip over. The branches are the size of small trees and in windy weather pose risk to people, cars and residences. The Council are concerned that there will be an emotional response to the loss of the tree but after many conversations over the 8 years I have lived under this tree I know that my local community agree the big Gum is not fit for a residential street such as this.

I cringe as cars goon around Kardinian Ave into Farm Road at this point and would welcome a crossing for the safety of my kids and those of the local community.

Please sign my petition to get the tree removed and make way for the crossing!