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Fight Racism In Kingston!

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In light of the recent video posted on Facebook, community members in Kingston, Ontario are looking for justice. Leisha Dixon lives in Kingston with her 1 year old daughter, and every day she comes home to her neighbour yelling racial slurs and throwing objects at herself and her daughter, “When you and your 1 year old daughter are getting threatened and harassed by your neighbours for months, being called all kinds of degrading names, coming into or leaving your house. Being told ‘You’d look good hanging from a tree’, being spat on, getting your door egged, having a candle thrown at your face, and constant stomping and banging on the walls and floors, and not because you did anything to these people, but simply because of the colour of your skin”.


Kingston’s Black Community is almost non-existent and the reason is because of the racism that people of colour face every day. Acts like this are regularly the experience of people of colour and Indigenous folks living in Kingston. While white people talk about how friendly Kingston is, racialized people have a very different experience.


Kingston Police have responded to the video in a report on their website by stating “The Kingston Police wishes to assure the community that we will investigate hate propaganda and hate/bias-motivated crimes as a priority; the Kingston Police are committed to assuming a lead role in coordinating police and community responses to these crimes”. Leisha says differently to these claims, “I’m still being harassed, you guys [Kingston Police] haven’t done anything about these things”.

A rally was held on July 12th, 2017, where 100 community members attended. While support from the community was strong, Police have still done nothing. The following Wednesday Leisha attended a Landlord and Tenant court hearing. During this hearing the case was called up by case file, and Leisha was unaware of this, and he case was adjourned without consent. The landlord has shown no support and does not seem to be taking the issue seriously.


We are looking for Kingston City Council to move a motion that the City, and its Affiliates will adopt an anti-racism policy that protects people of colour, and provides them with safe living, work, and public environments. Please sign to show Council that Kingston does not condone racist acts or behavior, neither direct or indirect.


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