No rezoning and no development of Kingswood Golf Course

No rezoning and no development of Kingswood Golf Course

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simone styles started this petition to The Hon. Richard Wynne MP (Victorian Minister for Planning) and

You dont need to live in Dingley Village to care that this beautiful land in the heart of our community is at risk of being stripped bare to make way for a major development.


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The Kingswood Golf Course should never be changed from Special Use zoning or like recreational use.

To: Kingston City Councillors and the Planning Minister

Dingley Village has experienced a lack of infrastructure for a long time. With no plans for remedy, how will our community cope with 800 to 1000 more homes and more than 2,000 extra people?

The Dingley Village community is aware that the Kingston Council is not obliged to spend any of the money received from developers on improving the Dingley Village infrastructure.

Dingley Village says NO to more than a 20% increase in population, concentrated in one area.

Every Dingley resident will be affected, with the proposed development impacting:

Maternal health and Health services – already overloaded
Existing childcare waiting lists.

Kinders - already overfull.
Primary schools - already full and relying on portables that take up yard space.
Secondary schools in surrounding suburbs - already full, resisting portables.
The Community Centre needs to expand now.
Drainage and stormwater infrastructure will be unable to cope.
With the Dingley Village sporting clubs having hugely successful 2016 winning premierships, they still lack facilities such as ovals. In fact other areas in Kingston are asking for expansion of their pavilions, but would welcome a first pavilion.
Traffic with more than 2000 additional cars using our roads daily
Public Transport is essentially non-existent, with no local railway stations
The Save Kingswood Golf Course Group represents the majority of Dingley Village residents (note our suburb is a ‘Village’ – one of the few in Australia) in our fight against the rezoning and proposed development of this beautiful golf course parkland.

As the proposed massive changes to the area have NO net benefit to Dingley Village, we the residents of Dingley Village say NO to this awful development.

With the proposed plans illustrating a huge loss to thousands of trees, the habitat for hundreds of thousands of birds and wildlife will be stripped bare

The developers have demanded to have residential 2 zoning, which allows four storey buildings. This beautiful land is in the middle of our village - it is NOT within an activity centre. Dingley Village consists entirely of one or two storey homes with nearly 100% being detached. The proposed development will be totally out of character of the rest of Dingley Village.

Unconditionally buying land zoned ‘special use – golf course’, does not give the proponents the right to change the zoning and bulldoze this beautiful land to suit their excessive profit goals.

We ask you to consider the pleas of the Dingley Village Community to represent the people in your decision-making and seek out opposing information that will support a fair decision, rather than just considering the application and reports provided by the proponent.

The Save Kingswood Group Incorporated is dedicated to helping residents save the Golf Course Park in central Dingley Village, for now and all future generations.

Once it is gone it’s too late.

Signed, the local and broader community (its not just the local Dingley Village community that will be negatively effected by this proposed ovedevelopment.

Dingley Village has bipartisan support …

Hon. Inga Peulich, State Member for South-Eastern Metropolitan has stated her support.

Hon. Martin Pakula (Keysborough) stated "this is by far the greatest issue in Dingley Village" and supports our cause.

Hon. Clare O’Neil Federal Member for Hotham expressed recently stated: “the proposed development was an issue raised by many Dingley Village residents. Clare added that this proposal, she believes, is a complete over-development of the site, and is likely to add to existing problems with traffic congestion, crowding in local schools and a host of additional issues…Clare goes on to say that she and the Hon. Martin Pakula are working closely to help the community’s efforts to stop this from going ahead” (letter dated 29th April 2016 to residents who participated in the survey)


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!