Vote to renew the contract of Ron Kelder as Varsity Coach of the KHS Boys Basketball Team

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We, the undersigned, are requesting that the Kingston Board of Education disallow the recommendation by the Athletic Director, Rich Silverstein, to not renew the contract of Ron Kelder as the KHS Boys Varsity Basketball Coach. Ron Kelder has served for a period of 22 greatly successful years in this position with 19 of the last 20 years being winning seasons. He has led the team to four sectional titles and his teams are just 11 wins away from 300 during this time. However, just as important as his success in the numbers, and actually even more so, is his ability to bring structure, compassion, leadership and morale to the young men who have played on his teams. Ron, in a word, CARES about his players and has been pivotal in their growth as adults and in many cases, helping them gain a clear and productive direction in the next phase of their lives. He has done so much, given so much of his own time, to ensure they have every opportunity to build a successful  future despite any hardships they may face in their personal lives in so many ways. People who are closest to Ron know how he has contributed to their betterment just as if they were his own kids. He has also helped, along with his family, to bring urgent awareness of the severe opioid epidemic in order to help save the young lives of the community. We are pleading with you, as the Board that serves this same community, to NOT remove such a strong role model, hard working and devoted individual from a position where he has motivated, and could continue to motivate, so many young men in an incredibly important way. Even Mr. Silverstein's own statements in the newspapers support the excellent job that Coach Kelder has done. However, Mr. Silverstein's statement that he just wants to take the program in a "different direction" (a less successful one??) is not reason enough to uproot such a positive influence to these young athletes/men from his well-deserved (and earned) tenure as their Coach and mentor; where he has excelled above and beyond anything any of us could have hoped for from anyone in that position. Aside from being deeply disrespectful in the manner in which it was done to such a respectful person, the Athletic Director, in his actions, is sending the wrong message to our children that you can give 110% and be successful in achieving your goals only to be told it's just not enough. Please, please vote "no" to Mr. Silverstein's recommendation and keep Coach Kelder where he belongs....leading and shaping the lives of our children and helping them to fulfill their own dreams. Thank you. 

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