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Kingsdown School: Prevent the current Year 10s from adhering to the new uniform policy

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On Friday 23rd February 2018, the new Kingsdown School uniform (in effect from September 2018 onwards) was leaked across social media. Both students and parents are heavily out of favour with the uniform for multiple reasons.


  • Firstly, it looks awful. The top half isn't the worst but the grey trousers downgrade the uniform completely. As for the skirt, that's something else. A blue tartan checkered skirt on this uniform looks abysmal. 
  • Secondly, it completely wipes out the traditions that Kingsdown have had since the 1970s. Students take pride in wearing the current uniform however knew that it was only a matter of time until blazers were being phased in. But to completely eliminate the red in the uniform and the new logo (therefore soon throughout the whole school) is too far.


However, response to the new uniform is negative mainly because parents/guardians have to pay for yet another new uniform. The current Year 10 will only have a matter of months left at the school when the new uniform is introduced, meaning that investing in a new uniform is a waste of money for both parents/guardians and Kingsdown School (if they plan to aid payment). 


Both Lydiard Park Academy and The Dorcan Academy's Year 11s were not made to adhere to their respective new uniform policies and as a result, there was no backlash from parents/guardians or students. This petition is simply to achieve that the same occurs at Kingsdown School. This way, no one will have wasted money on their current uniforms and everyone will eventually be wearing the new one as Mrs Leigh-Bennett wants.


Mrs Leigh-Bennett claims to listen to the student voice - lets see if she can keep to her word on that.

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