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Stop discriminating against the LGBT community.

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We went through this once, why go through it again? i recently found out that they're cracking down on homosexuality in kings mountain high school. I went from 08-11. At first teachers were scared to even adress lgbt students when pda was involved, but shortly after they cracked down harder. It got to the point were straight students would be making out but teachers would go to the lgbt students hugging too long first. Even if you're not gay, even if you're christian, i ask you this put yourself in their shoes for just five minutes imagine the agony they're going through. could you take the jokes? the discrimination? The not being treated equally? Half of us would cower and lie about who we are in that situation. we've been through this when we did seperate but equal. do we really want to let history repeat itself? We're back tracking into a society that I, myself, cannot stand. This is wrong, so if you agree that love is love. speak up, prove you care. Hair color, Age, Race, gender, weight, income, love is love. and to each their own. if you don't want to see us spiral down into a meaningless pit of bullshit then stand up for each other, do something. we all have a voice, so use it instead of hoping it'll get better. Go ahead and sit in the corner and waste the voice god gave you, but mine? i actually give a hell where my voice goes, and i don't want it to go to some guy while im moaning in his ear as he pushes me up against some kmhs locker, i'd rather it mean something, tell us to stop, push us down, the community is bigger than you think. i hope this helped you understand just where i, myself, is coming from.

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