KINGS ISLAND- What's Behind That Fence?

KINGS ISLAND- What's Behind That Fence?

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It’s time Kings Island provides us with answers about what’s happening behind the construction fence in Coney Mall!

The area of the park in question has long been rumored to be the storage facility for extraterrestrial space flight technology, and a proving ground for aviation innovation.  Fences were installed in late 2018 in an effort to prevent public access and create a cloak of secrecy and conspiracy never before seen.

Now the public is demanding answers.  We are petitioning Kings Island, and its owners, Cedar Fair, to reveal what is happening.  To date, no one at the park has commented publicly on the access restrictions, but cryptic messages have begun to appear implying it’s almost the ‘end’.   Satellite and aerial footage have revealed construction, but of what? How long can this go on without public intervention and knowledge? 

Sign this petition today to let Kings Island know they can't keep secrets any longer!  Without your support- these questions may never be answered!