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Please change back to previous ride boarding policy for those with autism

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Kings Dominion is a family friendly park, that has been a place to go for families with members affect by autism for fun, entertainment and relaxation. Autism rates are growing and that means more families are faced with the daily challenges of dealing all that autism spectrum disorder brings. Families days are often spent in school, therapies, driving to and from appointments, testing and work to overcome the social, language, sensory and medical needs of the person with autism. Spending a day at an amusement park can be a way to refresh and bond as a family unit and build positive relationships. Kings Dominion's previous policy of allowing a person with autism to board a ride immediately allowed enjoyment instead of negotiations, tantrums, stress and inappropriate behaviors. It allowed siblings and friends to enjoy and want to be around the person whose behaviors often cause avoidance, because of the "perk" of being able to ride. I am not suggesting that everyone in the party be allowed to ride, but allowing the person with autism and a family member or friend to board a ride was a big deal for my family and many like us. With the change of getting a board time, you are expecting some one who has language, social and sensory deficents understand that they must not only wait, but also walk away from the ride they want to ride on. And that while waiting for that ride they can not plan on any other ride (assuming that all rides have lines), because the policy only allows for one boarding time at a time. I understand that you can not please everyone, however every one who questioned my family about the priority entrance was accepting and supportive of the answer that my son has autism and still deserves to enjoy his day of fun. Rules can be in place to prevent repeat riding or limiting to only one seat. The previous policy was fair. Fair is not always equal and equal is not always fair. Please reconsider your policy change to allow more families to enjoy days at your park, including those who are not affected by autism and don't want their trip disrupted by tantrums caused by a person with autism becoming overwhelmed by a situation they can not understand.

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