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Teen Travel Program of Kings Bay

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The teen travel program is aimed for teenagers (about 12-14 years old). If you decided to spend your summer in Kings Bay Y, your child will get opportunity to make friends for a lifetime, and create wonderful memories.

A travel camp program is very rich and full of funny moments, providing young adventure-lovers with a chance to enlarge their knowledge and widen horizons. With Kings Bay Y teen travel camp your children have an amazing adventure on a daily basis: they go to museums, sunbathe in beaches, play games like baseball and basketball, visit parks, have interactive workshops, meet talented professionals and many more activities.

Our Kings Bay Y campers are participants of service project in the community, and by this they learn how to give back to the society. When teens leave our camp, they feel real appreciation towards community; they become skilled and form real friendship. All the skills that they receive in the teen travel camp they can use in real life circumstances. These skills develop teen’s strength, make them stronger, and develop leading qualities.

Teen travel program is all about communicating, and includes all day round excursions and socials up to midnight. Teens sing songs, make roasted marshmallows and sleep in the open air. Evening events are always followed by eating, dancing, and socializing with old and newly gained friends.

Themes and trips
Trips are held on a weekly basis. Teen travelers are free to choose the themes that interest them most.

Time and travel
Kings Bay Y teen travel camp working schedule depends on the program you choose. The travel camp is supplied with the buses driven by professionals; all buses are provided with air conditioners.

Leaders’ trainings
Even after time completion in Kings Bay Y, you are never done with our travel camp. The Leaders’ program gives them possibility to start their work in camp in future. Due to this training program teens have a chance to better their skills working with younger camp participants. Also, they have leadership workshops and teambuilding events. These lessons of leadership will be useful for every aspect of their life!

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