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Relocate Kingman Farmers Market to Locomotive Park

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The Kingman Farmers Market’s weekly event has had immeasurable impact on our community. It has provided a place for friends and neighbors to come together and for local farmers, growers, artisans, and craftsmen to share their products.

To widen its audience, we hope that the Kingman Farmers Market will consider relocating. Locomotive Park offers an attractive environment for tourists and Mohave County locals. Logistically, the transition would be simple, as the proposed new location is near to the current spot in Kingman’s ever-growing downtown.

The Farmers Market seems to have outgrown its current location in a number of ways:

Some community members complain that the heat is overbearing, causing them to spend less time than they otherwise would or avoid the market altogether. Locomotive Park has ample shade and grass to naturally cool the event and patrons.

The available space at the current location is limited. Locomotive Park gives the market room to “grow together” with the community as they intend. This setting also encourages patrons to explore their surroundings and potentially stay longer at the market.

Finally, the Farmers Market should consider the implications of the imagery that surrounds it –specifically the confederate flag displayed prominently around the event and adjacent business. However one chooses to interpret the meaning of this symbol, it does not represent the values of community and togetherness that this event promotes by its very nature. The symbol is unrelated and outdated at best; it represents something far more sinister at worst. We would like to send a welcoming message to those who wish to attend the Kingman Farmers Market. Would not the new arch that reads “Welcome to Kingman” be a more appropriate backdrop for this event?

If the Kingman Farmers Market aims to appeal to a wide variety of visitors, they should strongly consider a location change to Locomotive Park. 

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