Ban Tyler Hex

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I believe it's in Kingsisle's best interest to ban the Wizard101 player known as Tyler Hex. Tyler Hex is a ddoser, a bully, and a hacker. He deserves to be banned, for he is just manipulating and taking advantage of everything in Wizard101. Tyler's wizard is a level 120 Balance for those who don't know. He has commited several illegal United States crimes over the internet in the past and has finally been caught inside Wizard101. Other crimes against other youtubers include DDOSing several other Wizard101 youtubers during livestreaming or recording which has caused them to lose connection to their computer and is a form of hacking, which is also a federal crime. In real life Tyler has had multiple problems with anger issues and bullying others. In game he previously was muted for a time do to swearing. He later was recognized for false reporting and swearing in game by many. Many people now realizes how evil Tyler really is and KingsIsle should deal with this issue now. 

Here's a rundown of what he does exactly: 

  • Ddoses players he is fighting
  • Hacks people's accounts for crowns
  • Manipulates people into spam reporting others he does not like (losing in PvP against)
  • He steals many player's accounts and uses them to report people. 
  • He boost, specifically in 1v1 and 3v3 (using other player's accounts and level 1s to give himself rank).

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