Stop plaster profiteering

Stop plaster profiteering

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Peter Townsend
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Since mid may when Boris Johnson said plasterers can go back to work there has been a shortage of plaster as British gypsum who make the plaster closed down through the lockdown, the shortage at first appeared to be simply just the fact of time of no manufacturing and distribution but it isn’t that. 

Public are going into stores and buying plaster at cost as it lands in these diy stores then listing it on eBay or Facebook at 7 or 8 times the actual cost ( profiteering) , this is so rife across the uk that plasterers cannot get the materials themselves so they can go to work and it’s nearly August now , 

this petition is to call upon the government to step in and enforce a “plasterers only can buy plaster “ policy for the remainder of the year with no member of the public allowed to buy it , it’s the only way that stocks will start to get back into the stores for plasterers to go to work 

if there’s no action very soon the restocking  levels may not happen at all this year, British gypsum state they are at full capacity and distribution again now and are trying there hardest  but there’s no change in stores due to these scandalous profiteering people out there 

there is no plaster

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