Safer Routes to School- Taroona

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On the 3rd of May, a child biking to school was hit by a vehicle in Taroona. The incident occurred on Flinders Esplanade. There are reports from other parents of other near misses.

Students choose Flinders Esplanade as it is a safer option than riding on Channel Highway. Flinders Esplanade is intersected with roads: Norwood, Seaview, Belhaven and Meath Avenues. These junctions are hugely wide with geometry that doesn't engineer cars to slow down. The lack of continuous pavements and adequate crossings doesn't allow for children who don't yet feel confident on the road (and for people with prams, people with disability, and the elderly). The speed limit of 50km/hr is inappropriate on local roads.

It is fantastic that students can walk, cycle and scoot to school in Taroona, an active school journey helps kids stay fit and healthy and contributes to mental wellbeing and building independence. Yet this opportunity is foreclosed by the lack of safe routes. 

We will continue to collect signatures until May 20th, the petition will then be presented to Councillor Dean Winter. Under section 59 of the Tasmanian Local Government Act, the General Manager must then table the petition at the next ordinary meeting of the council. At this meeting, we request Kingborough Council to instruct the relevant departments (Community and Economic Development, Engineering Services) to undertake a detailed study and consider a range of measures (side road entry treatments, dedicated bike infrastructure, speed reduction measures, modal filters etc.) to deliver safer routes to school for students in Taroona.