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Amend Kingborough Council's 'No Spray Register' so non certified organic growers are eligible to apply for inclusion on the No Spray Register.

There are many properties in the Kingborough Municipality that use organic, biodynamic and permaculture methods of gardening and food production.  Many of these properties have not been certified organic as they are noncommercial and the certification process takes a minimum of three years and can be very costly. In addition there are several commercial and recreational bee keepers.  The new Kingborough Council “No Spray Policy” precludes these people as well as those who have a conscientious objection to the use of chemical sprays from applying for inclusion on the No Spray Register.

There are over 77,000 refereed journal articles in the scientific and health literature that present clinical and research findings on the health and environmental impacts of herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.


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  • Mayor Graham Bury
    Kingborough Council's Chemical Roadside Spray Program
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    Stuart Heather
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    Bernadette Black
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    Julian Bush
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    Paula Wriedt
  • General Manager
    Gary Arnold
  • Community Reporter, Kingborough Chronicles
    Lara Hay

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