Protesting is not a crime! Stop the imminent execution of Ali, Dawoud and Abdullah.

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Ali Al-Nimr, Dawoud Al-Marhoon  and Abdullah Al-Zaher were all arrested as teenagers for taking part in peaceful pro-democracy protest in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia in 2012. They have been sentenced to death and have been tortured into signing false confessions. Their arrest is unjust and they have not been given a fair trail regarding the allegations made against them. Saudi Arabia has a long history of dicriminating against the Shia population. These three brave Shia youth protested to take a stand against oppression not only for themselves but also for their entire community. They have been given the most cruel and severe sentence imaginable, beheading.

URGENT ACTION IS NEEDED. They can be executed at any time. Ali Al-Nimr's uncle Sheikh Al Nirm was beheaded in January 2016 along with over 46 others.Their only crime being taking part in peaceful protests. We as the international community should not remain silent as Saudi Arabia continues to violate human rights. Please help maintain pressure on the Saudi government to free these 3 innocent individuals and do what we can to help spare their lives.