King's Park - Save Our Buses

King's Park - Save Our Buses

13 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ali Sadek

Transport for London (TfL) are currently consulting on proposals to cut down bus routes across London, including a set of changes in Hackney. We need your help to save our buses!

The cuts are driven by the Tory Government playing politics with London’s public transport, forcing TfL to cut 4% of its bus network, piling pressure on families already struggling to make ends meet.  

Hackney has no tube stations, and 1 in 4 residents use buses as their main mode of transport. Half of Hackney’s bus routes have already reduced in frequency. The cuts proposed now will cut off communities across Hackney. 

As we move to a net zero economy in response to climate change, public transport should be expanding – not shrinking.

What cuts are proposed for King's Park? 

Route 236, which currently runs from Hackney Wick to Finsbury Park via Homerton Hospital, would start at Homerton Hospital, removing a link between Hackney Wick and Homerton Hospital. 

Route 242 from Aldgate to Homerton Hospital would be withdrawn completely, replaced by the 135 which would be extended to run from Crossharbour Asda to Aldgate East and Homerton Hospital. This would remove a direct link from Hackney to Aldgate Station. 

We are calling for: 

  • NO CUT to the 236 between Hackney Wick and Homerton Hospital. Kingsmead residents particularly rely on this route, which links us to Finsbury Park station and the national rail network, vital for some with mobility issues. The 236 is also used by our residents to shop at Tesco, leaving only the 276 when the W15 stops at Homerton due to running late. 
  • GUARANTEES that the 135 route (which would replace the 242) will:
    • Retain the frequency of the 242;
    • Not be cut short at Homerton Hospital because of delays -  the proposed route is much longer so the risk of delays is bigger; 
    • Maintain the current level of service - because of its length, we fear the 135 would top the list for future cuts or be rerouted away from the City to make it shorter; and
    • Instead, the 135 should be rerouted back to Liverpool Street (like the 242 in the past), avoiding the heavy traffic of Commercial Street
  • PROPER FUNDING from the central government for TfL to provide affordable and sustainable public transport

Join our campaign 

Please sign this petition below AND respond to the TfL consultation at

Please also support the campaign on social media by sharing the hashtag #SaveKingsParkBuses, and encourage your friends and family to get involved.  

You can also sign and share Hackney Labour's ‘Save Our Buses’ petition at

Together we can help save our buses!

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Signatures: 75Next Goal: 100
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