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Give Pagans their own Pagan space and Pagan chaplain

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Pagans are brushed under the carpet at King's College London, despite paganism being one of the fastest growing religions in the UK.Many in senior management prefer to forget that Britain was Pagan before it was Christian and a melting pot of many other religions but those Pagan roots are not dead despite  centuries of persecution of Pagans and witch hunts present in British history. King's College London offers  support staff and a dedicated space to Muslim students, a dedicated space Christian space for Christians with  Christian chaplaincy dedicated support staff but no dedicated space for Celtic pagans,Norse or Scandinavian Pagans,Asatru, Zamolxians, and Neopagans etc.There is no Pagan room available to students and staff. Pagan students and staff as well as pagan visitors at King's College London ,may not feel supported and represented without a dedicated Pagan chaplaincy.Pagan students and staff would benefit from a dedicated Pagan room. I have taken initiative and done research and so far the university seems to not want  to support the Pagan community at King's College London . Please help me change that by signing this petition. I am  wholeheartedly willing to volunteer my time and efforts to make things fair for the Pagan community at King's College London. I want to create a Pagan room, where Pagan students can find a helping hand and a kind ear to listen to their specific support needs and challenges that stem from being a Pagan student in a university with a history of being of mostly Christian background. I want Pagans to feel represented,to be visible and comforted that they are not alone and to also give non Pagans the opportunity to learn about various paths and branches of Paganism. Community outreach is very important for harmonious cooperation, diversity and inclusion and no Pagan should be made to feel left out. A pagan room could also help with hosting events for Pagan community outreach and provide Pagan literature (which I am willing to donate) and culture and help with educational purposes in addition to providing fairness for Pagan students.

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