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King's College, Cambridge: Protect staff and students from sexual harassment

It has come to light that an alumnus of the college, recently accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a staff member, is being welcomed back into college for a dinner on the 24th November. A formal investigation into his behavior has not yet been concluded, but this sexual harassment was witnessed by many people, including students, staff members, and other alumni. King’s College needs to develop and implement a sexual harassment policy, in coordination with the staff, fellows and student body, which safeguards its members and takes complaints of sexual harassment seriously. This includes protecting students, staff and fellows from people under investigation. People who are currently under investigation for sexual harassment should not be welcomed back to enjoy a free dinner in our home. This is a petition to the senior members of the College, asking for confirmation that they will:


· Protect members of the College from non resident members and third parties under investigation for sexual harassment, by suspending access to these people to the College. 

· Work with the student body to develop and implement a sexual harassment policy that takes complaints of sexual harassment seriously. This must be done transparently, and safeguards must be put in place to ensure that this policy is followed in future. Any new policy, as well as existing policy must be followed.

We are concerned that the college is not taking its duty of care over us, its staff and its fellows seriously, and expect this to be resolved as quickly as possible. We, the undersigned, demand a response from the College to this petition by midday on Friday the 16th of November. We want our College to deal with this internally. However, if an adequate response is not given by the above date, other channels will have to be considered to resolve this issue.





This petition was delivered to:
  • Senior Tutor
    Robin Osborne
  • Vice Provost
    Dr Basim Musallam
  • Provost
    Prof Ross Harrison
  • Director of Development
    Julie Bressor
  • Dr Keith Carne, First Bursar
    King's College, Cambridge

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