Bahrain, Free Ali Mohammad Al-Showaikh now!

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Ali Mohammad Al-Showaikh, has been sentenced to life-imprisonment and his citizenship has been revoked by Bahrain. 

Ali Mohammad Al-Showaikh’s sentence to life-imprisonment is one of the newest and harshest violations of human rights for which the Bahreini as well as the Dutch authorities are responsible. 

Bahrain’s human rights situation has continued to worsen. Democratic space in the country has been essentially shut down. Human rights activists and their family members are subject to arbitrary punishment, torture and detention while the death penalty has been reinforced. 

Ali Mohammad Al-Showaikh had fled to the Netherlands in 2017 as he was targeted by Bahraini authorities. However, in October 2018 Dutch authorities sent him back to Bahrain despite the fact that he was at risk of torture and persecution there. Upon arrival in Bahrain he was arrested. It is believed that he was subjected to torture. Subsequently Bahrain revoked his citizenship and sentenced him to life imprisonment.  

These are utmost harsh sentences, these are violations of democratic values and human rights by Bahrain and the Dutch government is an accomplice to these. 

Call on king of Bahrain and government of Bahrain to release Ali Mohammad Al-Showaikh immediately and unconditionally, for his citizenship to be returned and his sentences to be quashed without delay.