Asking the Gouvernment and King Mohammed VI. to enlarge animal welfare in Morocco.

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Dearest Authorities of morocco.

For such a beautiful, modern country like Morocco it needs more animal welfare and possibilities in the country. The Sft-Animal Sanctuary in Tangier has a good solution with the Hayat Project for example in Tanger and Rabatt, also there are other keen animal protection organisations in Morocco, who try to make it better for the stray animals and the citizens in the country.

We ask you to make volunteering for veterinarians from outside legal and more easy, so they can treat animals in need and also providing the living people from rabies and desease. The organisations in the country must have more possibilities to act animal welfare. Also we ask you to slowly end the killing of straydogs and cats, to find other more efficient and cruelty free methods. For example allowing the organisations sterilisation/castration Programms. 

Morocco need animal rights! The strays need protection so the misery on the streets can come to an end. Tourists would like it and recommend. 

I know that this is a lot to ask for but the world can see that Morocco is changing. Everything takes time but somewhere it has to start.

In deep respect

The people