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Crypto Manifesto

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The Crypto Manifesto is The World's First Agreement on The Rights and Freedoms of Crypto Holders. 

The World's First Financial Human Rights Document. 

They Align with The Beliefs of The Dyno Empire. 

The World's First Crypto State. 

All Nations Should Follow This Model When Constructing Their Crypto Policy. 


Crypto Manifesto:

1. Every Man's Wealth is His Own. 

2. No Man's Crypto can be Seized or Confiscated. 

3. No Man can be Taxed on His Crypto Holdings. 

4. No Man can be Asked How He Spends or Earns His Crypto. 

5. There is to be Zero Regulation in The Crypto Space. 

6. Crypto Education is Free. 

7. Crypto is The Right of Every Nation. 

8. No Tribe is to Be Blocked from The Global Crypto Economy. 

9. All Crypto Software and Hardware is to be Open Sourced. 

10. Bitcoin is Agreed by Mankind to be The Gold of Crypto.

11. Every Nation and Every Crypto Currency Should have a Reserve of Bitcoin. 

12. The Minimum Value of a Crypto Currency is its Reserve of Bitcoin divided by its Total Supply. 

13. Every Nation is to Deploy its Crypto Currency on an Open Blockchain i.e. The Ethereum Blockchain. 

14. Private/Closed Blockchains are an Abomination. 

15. KYC and AML are Meaningless. 

16. No Crypto Project or Platform is to Request ID. 

17. No Crypto Project or Platform is to Request a Bank Account. 

18. Bank Accounts are Obsolete. 

19. Government Issued IDs are Obsolete. 

20. The Citizenship of Every Nation is to be Represented by a Crypto Currency i.e. Dyno, Canada Coin, Dubai Coin, etc. 



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