Sack Q.E II off Throne as Head Trustee Petition Ernest Augustus V as King of Britain UK NZ

Sack Q.E II off Throne as Head Trustee Petition Ernest Augustus V as King of Britain UK NZ

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Hoani Wanoa started this petition to King Ernest Augustus V King of Britain UK Hanover and

Queen Elizabeth II Crown Corporation Government is a Private Contract Business operating a corrupted self interest EU Government Parliament One World Order Scam Business Threat Administered by Queen Elizabeth II Lisbon Treaty German Nazi Mafia and Muslim Sharia Law Alien Rothschild Queen Victoria Terrorist Organization illegally overpowering Westminster Parliament with her own Sovereign fake Coronation Title interests using her own invented Tribe called "NGATI WHATUA IWI MAORI she uses under a Westminster 1993 TE TURE WHENUA MAORI LAND ACT:

Queen Elizabeth II is operating illegally this Native Tribe against our Traditional HAPU Tribal Land owners Common Law Land Interests to mirror image this original tribe over all other indigenous tribes in the world at the same time usurping our King William IV "1834 Declaration of War" Flag Sovereign Authority of our Dutch Kings King William II King William III King William IV Commercial Trading Bank Private Contract with my own Paramount Chiefs Traditional Land Title Holders Head Leas Land Instruments. . King William IV made a Private Contract with the Paramount Chiefs of Hori Te Kuri and Tira Waikato Whareherehere Manukau of Cambridge New Zealand to Cambridge England where our Paramount Chief Tira Waikato Whareherehere Manukau attended Cambridge University in England returned back to his Cambridge Town ship district in his Maungatautari Mountain Pa Site in Arapuni Natve Village beside is Waikato River on his Traditional Land ownership Interests fixed inside our 1834 Declaration of War Martial Law Republican Flag we take back off Queen Vctoria and Queen Elizabeth II  and her IWI Maori IWI fake tribe stole my own Tahitian Royal Wanoa families MOAI STATUES she and her Rothschild families placed in Dunedin with MOAI CROWN on his HEAD and MOAI in LONDON stolen in 1868 with is CROWN removed I want their TITLES and MEMORIALS returned to me and my WA NOA NATIVE Peoples why I am coming back to ENGLAND to CLAIM the KINGS FLAG TITLE and MOAI CROWN TITLE Memorials back to my Families.

Queen Victoria stole my MOAI STATUE Memorial she imprisoned  inside  QUEEN ELIZABETH II GREAT COURT In London my SPIRITUAL WANOA MOAI GODS EARTH PLANET TITLE off my Ancestral Lands in RAPA'NIUI Easter Island and she  corrupted the Legal Courts in Westminster Parliament with her IWI MAORI LAND TRANSFER Titles using Fraud Instruments to Deposit into the Rothschild family Banks for their own Mafia Gang of Pirates operating on the High Seas:

Queen Elizabeth II Corrupted and Liable d  the New Zealand Navy Police and Courts of Law Justice Systems used her Maori Crown Corporate Business under the Westminster 1993 Te Ture Whenua Mari Land Act; defrauded the public of Britain UK New Zealand and Pacific Islands Canada Australia America and Commonwealth Countries of the World.

This Petition is for MOAI CROWN KING WILLIAM IV FLAG SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY Registered Company's "MOAI POWER HOUSE GROUP LIMITED" 1,000,000 Shares Public Company 1 of 250 Country Companies and "MOAI CROWN KING WILLIAM IV TRUST" Private Company London UK  as JUDGEMENT CREDITORS and "NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LIMITED" 999,999,999,999 Share Parent Company Registered Company in New Zealand

To Dissolve her Rothschild families business Crown Corporations Trusts 


The Queen and all her Crown Agents are now facing "Moai Crown King William II, III, IV Dutchman's Crown Land Leasehold Titles as the Legitimate Founding British Crown Land Foreshore Seabed Explorers Able Tasman, Captain James Cook, and King George IV Private sale and purchase  of New Zealand Blue Print Kings Crown Lease Land Patent Right Bill of Right William II 1889 Title Jurisdiction and Maga Carta 1217 Act of Westminster Parliament Britain UK 

the Kings Law prevails over a corrupted Queen Victoria Queen Elizabeth II Crown Law Justice system that is now guilty of mass fraud on the people of the 250  countries under KING WILLIAM IV ADMIRALTY COURT MARTIAL LAW corrupted by the Rothschild Corporate Bank Fraud Land Title Investment interests 

WE the KING WILLIAM II III IV DUTCH KINGS Enforce Court Martial Law of these Kings on Queen Elizabeth II and her Rothschild families and Arrest them all with a KINGS WRIT OF POSSESSION AND CONTROL PROPERTY ARREST WARRANT in this HEARING ACTIVE from 2 JANUARY 2019 to 27 March 2019 Confirmed on Thursdaty 28 March 2019 at the Crime Scene anywhere n the Land of England Country as the SCENE OF THE CRIME 

Hoani Kahaki Wanoa (John) Surrogate King William II, III, IV Westminster Parliament 1600AD to 1834 King William IV Flag Magistrate Court

And Hoani Kahaki Wanoa Surrogate Paramount Chiefs Tira Waikato Whareherehere Manukau of (Maungatautari Mountain Pa and Pungapunga Marae Waikato River Cambridge Hamilton) and Rewharewha Manukau of Waiuku Manukau Marae and Puponga Marae in Huia Manukau Harbor Auckland New Zealand 

And Surrogate Morris Baker for Paramount Chiefs Rameka, his son Hori Te Kuri and his son Heremaia of Hori Te Kuri Marae in Taheke Kaikohi District  - Hokianga Harbor 1820 King George IV Admiralty of Rawene Native Magistrate Court direct to Westminster Parliament King William IV Crown Lease Land Seabed Title Head Lease 1834 Declaration of War Flag Sovereign Authority Private Contract Martial Law Flag Jurisdiction and 1846 British UK NZ CONSTITUTION Belfast Northern Ireland Downpatrick 8 Point Star Legal Authority 

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