Fund Peer Respites in King County

Fund Peer Respites in King County

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Peer respites are voluntary, short-term, overnight programs that provide community-based, non-clinical crisis support to help adults (18+) with behavioral health challenges to find new understanding and ways to move forward. They are designed to help persons who want wellness and recovery-affirming support and operate 24 hours per day, 7 days a week in a homelike environment.

Peer respites are staffed entirely by trained peers with lived experience with behavioral health challenges. The peer respite is either operated by a peer-run organization that has a board with at least 51% members having lived experience or has an advisory group with 51% or more members having lived experience with behavioral health challenges and/or the behavioral health system.

  • Self-determination is a core value practiced by peer respite users and encouraged by peer staff.
  • Mutuality is embodied through staff interactions with peers in promotion of individuality and choice.
  • Respect is encouraged in how the respite is used and maintained, and in adherence of confidentiality and privacy.
  • Wellness is promoted in all aspects of the environment and services that are provided and referred.
  • The path to finding purpose and belonging is supported with all individuals served.

Peer respites provide affordable and effective peer-oriented services to peers in need. Additional community supports are enhanced by peer respite services, such as emergency crisis services. Peer respite is an integrative model, appreciating whole health and wellbeing. 

Funding peer respites will add more choices for persons experiencing crisis. It will reduce the burden already placed on ER's and other crisis services. The peer respite model has been shown to reduce Medicaid expenditures.