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Nuclear Energy - a non-renewable resource used to generate electricity. While it has many advantages, such as providing us with more energy with less fuel used compared to fossil fuels, it is also important to understand the disadvantages of nuclear energy and the consequences.

   The basis for concern regarding nuclear energy and its waste products in our current time is that the impact of it on humans as well as other forms of life that may come into its range. Radiation either eradicates human DNA or it mutates it. Another dangerous impact of radiation on the human body itself is that it increases a person’s chance of cancer.

    Millisievert is the measurement of radiation. Just 1 millisievert can enhance a person’s chances of cancer. Workers located in a nuclear plant are exposed to 5 millisieverts, while people in a close range are exposed to 1 (Sublette 2016). According to cancer prevention expert Samuel S. Epstein, “Thyroid is the fastest-rising cancer in the U.S., nearly tripling since 1980. [...] most U.S. counties with the highest thyroid cancer rates are within a 90-mile radius covering eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and southern New York. This area has 16 nuclear reactors (13 still in operation) at 7 plants, the densest concentration of reactors in the U.S.”

   Since nuclear energy has never been employed in Saudi Arabia, it is likely that most people in Saudi Arabia are unaware of the dangers of nuclear energy. However, the Saudi Arabian Government has announced that it will have two operating nuclear power plants by 2020, and 16 by 2030 (Roscoe 2018).

    We need to think compassion towards our community and towards ourselves. These nuclear plants can harm our ecosystems and harm any form of life. Anyone can be harmed and diagnosed with either cancer or radiation poisoning. Imagine your daughter, your parents, your dog, incapable of being normal, incapable of being independent. Could you tolerate seeing them in such pain, such grief?

    We need to have an empathetic urge to help others, to ensure not only their safety but our own as well. Let's all raise awareness of the construction of these nuclear plants.