Let’s Get Sean Maguire To Operation Con

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Sean was going to be attending the Medieval Fantasy Convention in Germany this August. 

However the other day he tweeted ‘for reasons out of my control I am very sad to say that I will no longer be attending the medieval con’

I was devastated by this news. Not only because I was going to be flying over to Germany from Australia to meet him for the first time, but also devastated for him and Jared. Jared was also meant to attend. Sean ended his tweet saying he was looking forward to it. I know how much he loves his fans so this is very sad news for the fans and more importantly for Sean. 

This petition is not only to have Sean be invited to Once Upon A Time cons next year but to also show how much us fans love and support him.

It would be greatly appreciated if you are reading this to please sign the petition. Thank you!