2 December 2020
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Narendera Modi (Prime Minister of India)
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Why this petition matters

Started by S D Singh

I heartily appeal to all to come forward together in getting justice for Indian farmers.

Farmers in India are currently in severe distress and urgently need your support.

Hardships of our farmers are increasing day by day and there seems to be no way out unless Indian government takes some serious steps to help the farmers.

Through this petition, we are requesting the government to:

1) Take back the new Agri laws, which the Indian government has recently passed as these will lead to corporatization of agriculture. These new laws will eventually lead to exploitation of farmers by big private companies. Our farmers CANNOT be left to the mercy of big businessmen and industrialists.

2)  Make Minimum Support Price (MSP) a legal right for farmers and purchase of produce by traders at rates below MSP must be banned.

3) Immediately Implement the Swaminathan Commission Report, pending since about last FIFTEEN years, which recommended that MSP of produce must be set 50 percent above the cost of production so that the agriculture becomes profitable.

4) Waive off the debt of our farmers as they are currently not in position to pay off the debt taken from banks. Debt is the key reason of farmer suicides across the country. There is hardly any profit in agriculture today due to artificially low prices set by the government for agro produce.

5) Remove GST from all agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and agro equipments to bring the cost of production down for farmers.

We humbly request the government to immediately take care of our farmers and sincerely work for their welfare.

Kindly sign and share this petition to support our farmers as their livelihood is at stake. Thanks for your support

With regards,

S.D. Singh (Social Activist)

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Signatures: 244Next Goal: 500
Support now

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