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Let the Greek Language be supported by Amazon (kindle, ebooks)

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Greek is surprisingly not amongst the languages supported by Amazon for digital publications.

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) already accepts ebooks written in other languages, such as Corsican or Catalan, or Basque, or Galician or Scottish Gaelic. Yet Greek is NOT supported for ebooks to be available for reading on kindle (devices or app)  or compatible eReaders and tablets...!

This PETITION aims at encouraging or persuading AMAZON to consider commencing supporting GREEK because:

  • UNICODE character set allows the Correct and Perfect Displaying of Greek text on eReaders, even the accents of “polytonic” ancient Greek text.
  • Greek Language has given birth to endless Terms of Science (in Mathematics, Medicine, Physics etc) through ancient words (or their derivative Roman words); the symbols of those terms do exist in Sciences already, so most people are already familiarized with the pi/π, alpha/α, delta/δ, theta/θ, lambda/λ, mu/μ, omega/Ω(ω), phi/φ etc throughout the civilized world (expected to use digital eReaders in order to read).
  • Similarly, Greek Language as well as Roman commenced the whole literary and philosophical production of the Western World.
  • Historic value of Greek Language, still remaining spoken, alive and developing.
  • Continued lack of support for Greek alone might well be thought as a DISCRIMINATION against Greek Ideals and Spirit, because other languages (spoken by much fewer people) are surprisingly already supported (Corsican etc.).
  • Greek language is actively spoken by more than 12 million people worldwide; it is used as the Official language of two (2) distinct Countries (Greece and Cyprus) and by the numerous Greek Diaspora (throughout the U.S., Australia, Germany, France and elsewhere).
  • Greek language is also needed by scholars in Universities and Colleges for teaching classic Literature (Greek/Roman).
  • There would be an ECOLOGICAL DISASTER of paper/wood trees waste, if paper-books continue to be absolutely necessary for publications of ancient Greek tragedies, poetry, philosophy, dictionaries etc.

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