Kindergarten Masks Optional

Kindergarten Masks Optional

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Why this petition matters

Started by Katherine Braun

We are now almost two years into the pandemic and in California our children have been under mask mandates or school closures for the entire time.

Since COVID-19 will continue indefinitely, we need to move forward to return to a sense of normalcy.

Adults do not have to mask outdoors, and so why do our children at school? Vaccines are widely available for the kindergarten students. A vaccinated adult still has a greater risk of mortality from COVID than an unvaccinated child. The risk of death is 0% for children from COVID and hospitalization is around 0.1-1%, and the majority of which are children with underlying health conditions.

The CDC's main study recommending masks for children was recently debunked by journalist David Zweig in a disturbing article explaining how highly flawed it is.  David Zweig Article

According to him, apparently some of the Arizona schools in the study may not even exist.

Dr. Leana Wen on CNN, their COVID medical expert, called cloth masks little more than "facial decorations".  Dr. Leana Wen

Another study in North Dakota showed no difference in infectious rates in masked vs unmasked schools. Masked Vs. Unmasked Study

Our children complain of difficulty breathing and having to wear wet masks all day. A recent study from Brown University discussed cognitive harms caused from children masking all day.

Other schools such as Sierra Canyon, St. Francis de Sales and Laurence to name a few do not enforce the same mask mandates.

We respectfully and passionately ask that you please consider making masks optional for the kindergarten class.


21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!