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12987 Sealdah-Ajmer Exp. always running significantly late. Indian Railways should solve

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This train originates from Sealdah and terminates at Ajmer running on all days in a week. However, this train is always running significantly late by a minimum of 9-12 Hours. This train is very important train for pilgrims of different sections of the society like people going to Ajmer or people going to Agra and other different important places should be late by such a margin.

Other trains running on the same route are almost running on right time except for a few odd cases may be due to certain valid reasons but this Sealdah-Ajmer Express is always late by a huge margin, either starts late by 7-10 hours from Originating station Sealdah or if by chance it starts on-time, it will be surely delayed at Allahabad-kanpur-Tundla section. Indian Railway data shows the train never reaches on time and for the past 1 years, out of 365 running instances, it has delayed on 357 instances by significant hours.

Let's take one such instance. On 26.08.2017 this train departed Sealdah late by 8 hrs:50 min. reached Agra 12 hrs:32 min late and reached Ajmer by 11 hrs:33 min late. Such delays have been repeatedly occurring on 27.08.2017, 28.08.2017, 29.08.2017 and countless other times. People coming or going from different parts of the country by this train cannot reach the destination on time and thus it affects their planning for work, travel time, purpose of visit etc etc. I want you all to support this petition and help those travelling on this particular train so that Indian Railways should look into the matter and solve it as soon as possible. This type of issues should be solved particularly since we are living in such an age when we do not have time to be wasted and such delays are not accepted in the age when India is looking forward to high speed train and train punctuality.

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