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Kimberly's Law Ontario/Provincial Petition

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Mar18/10 Kimberly Proctor(Kimmy) was murdered by Young Offenders, Kruse Wellwood 16 & Cameron Moffatt 17 in Victoria B.C..

After Kimmy's death we came up with Kimberly’s Law which includes 7 proposals.

The first 3 proposals Provincial Points, establish Threat Assessment Protocols, Mandatory Counseling and Parental Responsibility requirements. The remaining 4 proposals are Federal Points & seek to build upon the recent young offender amendments by making those convicted of first or second-degree murder fully accountable for their actions. Please refer to Kimberly’s Law for complete description.

We encourage you to go to  print off the Provincial/Territory petition & the Federal petition, collect signatures & mail petitions back. 

Check out our you tube video or search it on You Tube.

You can also "Like" our Facebook page "Kimberly's Law" for ongoing updates & visit us on Twitter @KimberlysLaw

Our family thanks you in advance for your support and with help from the public we know that we can make these important changes and prevent others from going through what we did.


To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario in Legislature assembled:




WHEREAS because of the increase in bullying and violence among our young people we the undersigned




petition the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario as follows:




1. Schools should implement threat assessment protocols.




2. If a young person has been assessed as a potential threat, there should be mandatory counseling and treatment for that young person.




3. Parents should be held civily liable for the actions of their young people subject to a "due diligence" defense, up to a maximum fine of $25,000.




Your petitioners respectfully request that the Honourable House take such action as may be deemed appropriate.



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