Require Open Captioned films in movie theaters!

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing people across America will walk into movie theaters and be denied access to captioning, whether it be due to faulty closed captioning technology or a lack of technology in movie theaters. Regardless, so many are denied proper accessibility despite the fact that the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) clearly requires it. 

If we required at least 2 scheduled open captioned (captions appear on the screen and are not able to be turned off) films a week at each American movie theater, so many Deaf and Hard of Hearing members of our society will experience equality with other movie-goers. Hawaii has already taken legal action requiring just that. Not to mention, those lines you miss due to mumbling or distractions will never be missed again with access to subtitles through open captioning. 

It's time we take a stand against inaccessibility! 

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