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Give Mowry a 30 Year Sentence for Raping an 11 Year Old

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More and more female teachers and care givers are raping 11 year old boys. These boys do not have the ability to consent nor do they understand the full ramifications of the decision they are in. Also, if a boy tried reporting it, he is having trouble being believed or he feels if he doesn't like it he might be gay or not considered a man. Boys will suffer the harm later on in life as new studies have emerged. They regularly suffer from depression, suicide and have trouble forming stable relationship with women. When we give women a lighter sentence we are showing him his value is not worth as much as the woman that raped him. Please, we ask you to give Marissa Mowry a minimum of 30 years and send a clear message to future rapist it doesn't matter what sex you are, there is no special privilege in the sentencing of rapist by gender.

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