Stop the rezoning of the field at E. Floyd and S. Cathay across from St Michael's Church

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St. Michael's Church has decided to sell the property across from their church. The property is currently a vacant field that is surrounded by single family homes. The specific location is e. Floyd Ave and s. Cathay St. The lot is currently zoned as R-1A, which means zoned for single family attached homes, place of worship, or park. St. Michaels is planning on rezoning the land to developing a multi-family home apartment complex that holds 240 units. The units range from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms with optional parking garages. Current plans show that there will be additional parking on Floyd. The entrances will be on Floyd into a residential area and s. Biscay st. over by the shopping complex with exit to Hampden ave.
The home owner conerns with this development is the following:
1) Development of apartments will decrease the value of our homes leaving some homeowners with negative equity.
2) There will be a significant increase in traffic both for Floyd and for Biscay st. There are no plans for adding an additional traffic light at Hampden and Biscay st. The intersection of Hampden and Biscay st sits next to a blind hill that is difficult to navigate even in the best of conditions. This increases the possibility of traffic accidents and will cause auto insurance rates to increase for the 80013-zip code.
3) St. Michaels plans to use the money to develop their church but no plans to increase the parking for the church. People are already parking on the streets off Floyd and in the residential side streets
4) The apartment complex will back directly up the fence line to the backyards of residents off of e. Hamilton dr.
5) The emergency service entrance will be at the bottom of Cathay Street next to residential homes without plans to expand the area making the turn radius narrow and running the risk of hitting houses on that corner.
6) Land shifts due to construction have historically caused flooding issues for surrounding homes. There is no way to predict what this construction will do to the current homes and no way for the home owners to be compensated for any damages.
7) Increased population will lead to an increased student population for our local elementary schools that can’t accommodate the fluctuation.

The development at Cathay and Floyd will not enhance or enrich our community. The cost of developing an ample apartment complex would cause the area to suffer by potentially decreasing the home values, increasing insurances, overall becoming a blemish on the very community we work to keep beautiful and functioning. We must stop the rezoning for the future of our community.

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