Return Olaf To Rightful Owner

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Jim Martin is an 80 year old senior citizen from San Antonio, Texas who adopted Olaf from Lone Star Westie Rescue in 2014. A few days ago Olaf escaped out the front door and within hours he was found and scanned for a chip.

Evidently the rescue never updated the chip at the time of adoption. So, the rescue group that bought and implanted the chip is known to the chip company and their name and contact information is available when the chip company is called. This is how the rescue group that adopted to Jim was made known to the finder and later contacted. What they are supposed to do is to help notify the family that adopted Olaf that he has been found.

Also, Olaf was wearing his current rabies license tag when found by the good sam. However, Lone Star Westie Rescue stated on their facebook page that Olaf was wearing no ID when found. This can be proved as the rescue called the vet’s office from the number on the tag he was wearing!

At some point, Lone Star Westie Rescue decided they were not going to give Olaf back. They called Jim and told him he was an animal abuser and he could not have his dog back! Aside from this defamation that they posted on social media as a basis for not returning Jim’s dog, Dr. Wood, Olaf’s vet, reached out to the rescue and told Lone Star Westie Rescue to give Jim his dog back. And that Olaf has been under his care since adoption and has been and is current on all vaccinations and treatment for chronic conditions. Dr. Wood even forwarded Olaf’s medical records to the rescue.

The rescue refused and then posted on their Facebook page several posts claiming animal abuse and “claimed” that San Antonio Police Department told them they were legally allowed to keep the dog! It doesn’t get any more outrageous than this type of propaganda! They actually posted this on their Facebook page! They also wrote that their ‘lawyer’ said to keep the dog and that their adoption contract gave them the legal right to take any dog back any time without notice after adoption from them. This rescue even posted the clause from the adoption contract that they are claiming gives them a right to keep Olaf and it automatically transfers ownership to the rescue.

This one-line clause states basically that if any of their dogs were neglected by not having water, food, shelter and vet care (also defined as animal abuse under the penal code) they could reclaim the dog. Regardless of whether ANY contractual clause exists, all any rescue/shelter can or should do is file with the court and let a Judge rule on the evidence if they believe there was a breach of contract. And, if there is any claim of abuse, notify animal control!

In any event, Dr. Wood, Olaf’s vet made it crystal clear to this rescue that this senior dog has chronic eye and ear issues since the time of adoption and has always been in his care and is up to date on all vaccinations. In other words, there is NO neglect and Olaf is healthy and needs to be returned. This is the evidence that any court would hear as well as animal control. In other words, the best evidence is there already to show these people are wrongfully depriving Jim of his property (dogs are family but under the law they are considered ‘property’ in a court of law). As mentioned, at the time of adoption, Olaf had ongoing chronic eye and ear conditions which are not uncommon, especially for this breed. Scroll down this page to see his adoption photo (from 2014) showing the eye condition that Jim has continued to have veterinary care the entire time he has been a family member. It also show his darker pigmented ears.

This has been devastating to Jim as this 80 year old man is very bonded with Olaf, his closest companion. All the neighbors know both of them well and greet them every day on their walks. The entire neighborhood is stepping up to help be a voice for Olaf and Jim. They’ve come out to tell their side of what they know and all are outraged by what Lone Star Westie Rescue has done. This egregious act by this rescue is so very wrong and unless Jim gets the assistance and support he needs to make them return his family member, they will get away with this despicable, wrongful and illegal taking Olaf from his family.

At all times, when found and right now, Jim Martin is the legal owner and ‘dad’ to Olaf.

Please share his story and invite others to follow this page as well. Please help bring Olaf home by bringing awareness of the TRUTH and the FACTS out so these people don’t get away with this!