Criminal Charges must be filed against the Thomson/Ferguson family members

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To the Kimberley College Board of Directors,

We, the Kimberley College school community, is hereby calling upon the current Kimberley College Board of Directors to file criminal charges against:

* Amy Ferguson

* Kevin Ferguson

* Paul Thomson

... And any other members of the Thomson/Ferguson family who have been implicated in the significant misappropriation of school funds.

Over the last few weeks, the Kimberley College school community has been rocked, as allegations of significant misappropriation of school funds by the persons mentioned above, has come to light. These funds are largely provided by the State & Federal Government, and are intended for the purpose of providing education to all students of Kimberley College.

Over recent weeks, further information regarding this misappropriation of funds has been released to the college community.  Throughout this process, the Thomson/Ferguson family have maintained their innocence, and insisted that they were not able to provide a response.

Many members of the Kimberley College community attended a "public meeting" (which ironically, was not open to the public) at the "KP Centre" on Monday 11 June, to give the family an opportunity to tell their side of the story.  To the shock & disbelief of many of the attendees, the Thomson/Ferguson family:

* Failed to provide any evidence to refute these claims

* Spent a significant amount of time "deflecting"

* Did not address any of the major concerns raised by members of the Kimberley College Community.

While we appreciate that the board has been placed in a very difficult situation, and that Paul Thomson has been very restrictive in what he will "allow" the board to do in previous years, now is the time for the Board to RESTORE FAITH in their ability amongst the college community, and take a strong stance against these people.

We, the Kimberley College Community, do not accept this gross misappropriation of funds intended to assist in the education of our children, and expect that those who have misappropriated said funds be brought to justice.

Kimberley College Board of Directors - Now is the time for you to take STRONG ACTION.