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Allow Devyn's Aide to get training for service dog.

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Seven year old Devyn Rose Pereira has Angelmans, a rare genetic condition presenting as an extreme case of Epilepsy and Autism.  Her service dog detects and disrupts life threatening seizures, helps her walk and stay on task to learn.  

Without cause, the Gates Chili School District disregarded medical recommendations and illegally removed the service dog from Devyn’s individualized education plan (IEP).  The district maintains that if Ms. Pereira is unable to pay for a separate dog handler, Devyn’s service dog would be denied access to school.  

It also took the additional step of barring all school employees from assisting Devyn with her service dog.  The Department of Justice investigated this violation of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and is actively seeking reasonable accommodations, but the school district has given no indication that it will compromise.  

Devyn’s case is of great significance because when it reaches federal court, the result will have national implications for all of the other children who require service dogs, as well as their families who would face financial hardship if forced to pay for a dog handler.  

The goal is to return to Devyn’s original IEP which allowed the 1:1 aide to assist with the service dog, ensuring that she can safely attend school.  This would set the precedent that in the United States, no family will be put in the unfair position of either sending its child to school without its lifesaving service dog or paying for the child to use the service dog in school.

More about Devyn’s background can be found on FB: or on YouTube, search for “Service Dog Denied: Devyn’s Story”:

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