Help Bring Anthony Chavez Justice and Lock Up His Rapist.

Help Bring Anthony Chavez Justice and Lock Up His Rapist.

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Anthony Chavez started this petition to Worth County Attorney Jeff Greve

I am a 17 year old male (about to turn 18 in less than a week.) I am Anthony Chavez, and this is my story.

About a year ago now, I was raped twice and sexually assaulted twice by a friend whom I was online friends with for 4 years. He lives in Jackson, Tennessee, and I live in Northwood, Iowa. I was 17, and he was 19. He flew down here for my birthday, and soon after we started living together.

I’ve been in a committed relationship for 3 years. There is no reason I would willingly have sex with this man, as I was NOT attracted to him. His story was “we both were drunk and wanted to see if we have feelings for each other. I asked him multiple times if he’s sure he wants to have sex and he said yes.” THAT IS A LIE! Why would I need to have sex with someone to know if I have feelings for them?!

He admitted everything, over text messages, and even a voice recording I have of him ADMITTING he sexually assaulted me. (At the time I was unaware of the definition of rape, so I called it sexual assault in the recording. I asked him “so you admit to sexually assaulting me?” his response: “yeah.. and it doesn’t help that you’re 17 and I’m 19 either.” 

When I have my screenshots to police, and the voice recording, they told me “screenshots could be easily photoshopped.” so basically telling me that’s gonna do no good. We texted only on messenger and I had his name as “Marie” as an inside joke we had. If you’re clicked on his profile picture, it brought his Facebook profile up. I even showed one of the officers that, but to no avail.

I emailed the officer the audio recording of him admitting it. I was told they couldn’t hear anything and that nothing was said in the recording. I believed them as I didn’t want to listen to it again.. for obvious reasons. A few months later I listened to it and could hear everything. Even the sheriff said “I wouldn’t doubt that officer lied.” She isn’t with them anymore as she transferred to a different city or something.

The county attorney doesn’t believe these acts were “non-consensual” so basically telling me he thinks I willingly had sex with my rapist. He is also my sisters ex-husbands relative, and my family does not get along with that family. I feel like it’s a conflict of interest. But apparently they wanna believe a stupid lie about me getting drunk. Mind you, I BARELY got drunk. Ever. TWICE! Once I did it at the fairgrounds with my rapist, and walked home drunk with him helping me walk. I got home and literally passed out on my bed. That is ALL that happened, I remember it clearly. The other time I drank I fell asleep almost right after getting drunk. I remember that clearly too, he is lying, and no one believes me. 

I know I shouldn’t have been drinking, and I stopped even before he left. It was NOT a common occurrence.

He repeatedly told me if I told anyone, he would kill himself. I was so conflicted.

My rapist even changed his username on Instagram, took his profile picture off and removed every post and blocked me on everything. Wouldn’t answer any of the polices texts or phone calls. Tennessee police literally had to show up for him to even talk to them!

All I want is justice. The trauma this man has caused me is at an unbearable level, while I am receiving therapy, it’s hard to know there is a predator out there. He WILL rape others, I don’t want that to happen. I have no reason to lie.. he was my best friend, I cried on his shoulder when he lived with me so many times when I was sad. He was my best friend… and that was it.

I have tried everything, and no one will listen to my pleas for help, no one will try fighting for me, nothing has happened in a YEAR. I am begging for the police and county attorney to actually do something, and help fight for me to get this disgusting predator off the streets.

Please share with EVERYONE you know, help me get justice. I’ve given too many chances, I’m done being silent. Please help me.

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