Beauty Industry Bailout

Beauty Industry Bailout

May 1, 2020
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Senator Chuck Grassley and 7 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brianne Cummins

ATTENTION LEADERS- Our industry needs special financial assistance and guidance right now to survive being closed for months to come and to keep our industries workers safe.

Between some states opening salons/barbershops/etc earlier than what has been recommended by the CDC and with the recent announcement from Gov Newsome and the comments Gov Cuomo has made about Personal Care/Beauty Industry businesses remaining closed until later phases of reopening, it has become apparent we need a #BeautyIndustryBailout

Our industry, and the personal care industry as a whole, has been left out of the conversation.(besides protesters demanding haircuts, regardless of safety)

From the self employed, the small shops and product sales, to the bustling salons and spas, we contribute significantly to the economy. As of last summer, our collective industry was worth $532 Billion.

One of the reasons we have had a hard time getting funding so far is because our industry is fractured into many different business models. From sole proprietors, independent contractors, sales, educators, and W-2 licensed employees, to rental salons without any payroll, small hair care companies, suite leasers and so many more. There is no unified way we operate as an industry and it has hindered our ability to receive financial assistance already. But especially, if we are opening in later phases and will be closed for months, not weeks. We need a #BeautyIndustryBailout

Our services are valuable but not essential and we absolutely support opening in the later phases. We are fully prepared to wait as long as possible and follow all the safety and distancing guidelines as opposed to opening too early and risking the entire community. We personally support waiting until the later phases to protect stylists, clients, and the community as a whole. We have training in proper disinfection and we are competent, but the possible requirements of PPE use for future services, while necessary, will also drastically add to our overhead. We are sure that the distancing guidelines we expect to have will also cut down our productivity significantly. We know those precautions are necessary to save lives, but we will still have to make ends meet financially as businesses. Also these resources need to go directly to our healthcare and essential workers, which is another reason we support opening in the later phases.

To require us to open early and acquire the proper PPE is disrespectful to our front line workers. To require us to work in the same gear as front line healthcare workers is an indication of the dangerous nature of this virus and that's why we should wait.

We can wait. Beauty can wait. While we wait for the final phases of reopening, we also need assistance. Many businesses can offer curbside, takeout, online orders and provide their goods in some way. We cannot serve people curbside. Gift card and product sales can only get us so far.

The businesses in the final phases need an extra grant or access to appropriate funding to stay closed longer than the rest of the economy. Create a separate phase 3 and phase 4 funding grant that cannot be used for large, publicly traded companies to profit.

We ask you for a #BeautyIndustryBailout. Our industry has never ceased to grow. We were consistent through the Great Depression, and grew through the economic downturn in 2008. We even worked through the Spanish Flu, but we don't want to do that this time. We have done our part and will continue to do so.

Thank you for reading and we appreciate your support. This message is meant to directly represent all beauty workers. But also we need to create awareness for all of the businesses that will be opening in the later phases.

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Signatures: 574Next Goal: 1,000
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