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Remove or Restrict Ferrous in the Kimmunity Discord

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Recently, actions taken by the moderator known as Ferrous have led to the Kimmunity discord feeling toxic and unwelcoming. This moderator has been abusing his power, ignoring complaints by users and other moderators, and is treating the Kimmunity discord like his own personal channel. Several people have left the discord, citing drama, unfriendliness and stagnation. Complaints have been made, and either ignored, or twisted around so the individual complaining is at fault.

We, the undersigned, currently fear that the actions taken by Ferrous will lead to the destruction, or irreparable damage to the Kimmunity Discord, if action is not taken to either remove Ferrous' moderator status, or to reinstate a "community manager" role with somebody else he has to report to before taking his actions. The current state with him being the final word on all things is untenable.

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