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Save Clarksville Rivers And Spires

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I, as well as many other citizens were sad to hear that Clarksville Tennessee is having its final Rivers And Spires event this year in 2017. Upon further discussion, I've come to the conclusion that at least one of the reasons behind this decision was an overwhelming amount attendees. If you attended Rivers And Spires last year, you'd have seen mass amounts of people all lined up and crowded together in hopes of seeing the nights performance. I agree with them on this aspect, down town was a little too crowded. But there are solutions to this. What about that outdoor stadium in Liberty Park? Something like that would be perfect for their main event. They could also set up smaller stages within the park, have concession stands, things of that nature. While we would still have things for people to engage in down town during this event, holding more of it in the park could be a good way of giving people more space to enjoy the event. 

 In conclusion, this petition is meant for us as Clarksville citizens to let our voices be heard. If you agree, and would like to save Rivers And Spires, sign here. Change starts with us. 

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