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To Kim Jong-un and Citizens of North Korea

My name is Jasmine Tahao, I am 17, and currently in my last year at Warman High School. I have seen people struggle with poverty, abuse, and mental health and as a result human rights have always been a passion of mine. I despise seeing people being treated poorly by individuals with power and wealth.
Kim Jong-un, the Chairman of North Korea, and his family decided to take away their citizens most basic human rights. Citizens of North Korea are not allowed to practice any religion, travel, or find work that would assist in providing for their families. Over the years, people in North Korea have lived in fear due to the excessive political control.
A petition may not entirely change the events occurring in North Korea, but I’d like my voice to be heard and awareness to be raised. By using my voice and sharing what I’ve learned with the world, I am taking the first step towards creating a change for the people of North Korea.
The whole world deserves to be treated equally, so we must all work together and help those who are in need.
I ask YOU to:
Remove all surveillance cameras. In the 2010s, the government purchased around 85,570 cameras and to be installed in the country to monitor all citizens. Let’s put an end to this and give the citizens of North Korea the privacy they need.  
Ease on the border tightening. North Koreans are punished for travelling and for making contact with the outside world. Travel is something everyone should get to experience. Their freedom being taken away could change their perspective of what life truly means.
Close prison camps. Individuals are arbitrarily arrested and kept in political prison camps and were subjected to forced labour, and other inhumane treatments. Up to 120,000 individuals living in camps were not convicted of any criminal offence; they were arrested for being related to individuals threatening the state.
We cannot continue this way. Let’s put an end to this and help make this world a better place.