Freeing Afghanistan from The Talibans

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Stopping Taliban from Overthrowing the Government of Afghanistan

            The Afghanistan Civil War has been a conflict for decades. Since the freedom from communism, the Taliban are set to overthrow the government of Afghanistan, in the hope for controlling Afghanistan. In October 1978, the opponents of People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan called themselves “Mujahideen”. Currently, the Taliban has controlled 80% of Afghanistan land and building. The civil war itself has been started since 1990, where currently it involves America in the war and has the most impact. The Soviet Union that has been surficial supporting Afghanistan economically and militarily since 1919. This war has already resulting 55,000 deaths on the Afghanistan group and it can be increased at any time.
            In the civil war, the Taliban has tortured, assassinate, even crucified people. The main goal of the Taliban’s is to re-established an aristocratic emir. This caused a friction with the people of Afghanistan and also the government which right now is democratic. They still fought over the control of Afghanistan until now. The Afghanistan civil war is very devastating, the Afghanistan government submit 1.17 million war crimes to the international court. Those war crimes include torture, hostage, burning of villages, and other infinite number of war crimes.
The conflict over power in Afghanistan violates:
The Rome Statute, war crimes, crimes of aggression.
It was stated that the Afghanistan government has submitted 1.17 million crimes to the international court, which has been stated from UDHR, which is the Universal Declaration of Human rights stated that the convention at 1949, Article 50 occupying power shall take care of the children, women, and men in the occupied place. Based from article 16, civilians such as women and the non-military person should not join and get damaged by the war. 
            To solve the everlasting problem of the Afghanistan Civil War we need to think entirely on the civilians. The reason we chose to focus on the civilians is that decades of military intervention didn’t seem to end the conflict. So, it is better to focus on the women, children and the old. What the international community should try to do is to push Afghanistan neighboring countries to help immigrants from Afghanistan to get citizenship. Civilians fleeing the country from war should be the one prioritized. By that, the women, children, old and civilians that are not in the war wouldn’t get injured by the war.
The second thing that the international community should do is press neighboring countries such as Turkey, China, and the UAE to grant Afghan immigrants a pathway to citizenship easier. We need to remind the governments that the more immigrants they have will not give them bad influence but will give the advantages. More people will help that country with the economy. This can be related to article UDHR: Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of International Human Rights Law and Serious Violations of International Humanitarian Law, which we all have the rights to move to other countries and stay there. The Afghanistan government also needed to change their system by making new law, new governance, reform the law of institution and others. By doing that, it could affect their country in becoming free from the Taliban.
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