Keheley Drive Rezoning - No to R12

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The area on Keheley Drive near Keheley Elementary School is trying to be rezoned to an R 12 zone in order to develop 51 houses, 10 feet apart on the property. 

There are three main reason for opposition to this rezoning:

The first is that R 12 zoning is not in keeping with the adjacent area, which are all R 15 and R 20. This will decrease the amount of land required by law for a single dwelling on the property, allowing for more houses within very close proximity of each other. Besides the flooding and traffic concerns listed below, this will contribute to children being at more risk when walking to school from the additional cars, the loss of green space and trees, and also large numbers of displaced wildlife, including potentially dangerous coyotes.

Flooding is another main reason that this rezoning is a huge issue. There are already known problems and concerns along Rubes Creek. The building and reconfiguration of the terrain will only serve to increase the water run off and flooding potential.

The final reason, and with the potential for the most havoc, are the major traffic concerns. These are curvy hilly roads with a lot of pedestrian traffic, including small children walking to school. Having a influx of possibly 100 additional cars coming in and out on that road, especially during times of school drop-off and dismissal, is potential for a huge problem. A traffic study needs to be done to ensure the roads can handle the increased capacity.

Please sign our petition to stop the rezoning of this property to R 12.  

Other ways to help:

There will be a Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, November 7th at 9:00 am. It is in 2nd floor public meeting room Cobb Co Building A at 100 Cherokee Street. We cannot stop construction, but we can fight the rezoning for that many houses in that area. We need as many people as we can to fight this. There is also a facebook page "Keheley Drive Rezoning No to R 12", if anyone is interested in participating. 

You can also email our Commissioner JoAnn Birrell and our Planning Rep Judy Williams stating your opposition to the rezoning.

Reference zoning application Z-74. Use whatever reasons are most important to you---increased traffic, flooding concerns, the houses so close together they are cluster homes, your children being at more risk when walking to school from the additional cars, the loss of green space and trees, displaced coyotes eating your pets----write what you believe are the problems with this higher density zoning request.

The email addresses are:

Or you can call 770.528.3317

Or both. Please let them know that the zoning on this Keheley Drive property needs to remain R 20.

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