Save Our Greenbelt - Quarry Drive (Kilmacolm Meadow) & Planetreeyetts Kilmacolm, Scotland

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                        Kilmacolm GREENBELT under attack AGAIN...

                                                      ACT NOW!!!

                               DEADLINE 31st January 2021 MIDNIGHT....

Unelected Planning Officers at Inverclyde Council have yet again, put forward two Greenbelts in Kilmacolm to be released for large scale housing development - the much loved Greenbelt at Kilmacolm Meadow (Quarry Drive), and adjacent Greenbelt at Planetreeyets.

The people of Kilmacolm already told Inverclyde Council in 2017 these two Greenbelts should remain as Greenbelt. Elected Inverclyde Councillors AGREED with the people of Kilmacolm, and VOTED to keep these two areas as Greenbelt.

Volume house builders Mactaggart & Mickel, and Taylor Wimpey, (and others) have been relentless in trying to overturn the democratic will of Kilmacolm, and also the vote by our elected Councillors.

Now unelected Planning Officers in Inverclyde Council have put these two Greenbelts back up for release. Unbelievable!

We have to make our voices heard yet again.

Send your OBJECTION into Inverclyde Council, stating you disagree with Inverclyde Planning Officers decision to release Quarry Drive and Planetreeyetts from Greenbelt, to a development site for large scale housing. Reasons being:

* There is no proven need to release Greenbelt in Kilmacolm for housing, either in the Inverclyde Housing Market, or the Renfrewshire Sub Housing Market where Kilmacolm sits.

* Quarry Drive and Plantreeyetts should remain as Greenbelt.

* There are many Brownfield Sites already in both these Local Authority Areas, lying empty, with Planning Permission already granted. These should be used first before destroying natural Greenbelt areas.

* Quarry Drive (Kilmacolm Meadow) is a much loved part of Kilmacolm. It is used daily by locals to exercise, and walk their dogs. Children love to play in the Meadow, and be in touch with nature. It is an integral part to the community of Kilmacolm.

* Planetreeyetts is used by a farmhouse, and it stables many horses, and the donkey...

* Quarry Drive and Planetreeyetts have many rare plants and flowers in it. Both these areas have been recommended to be preserved as a Site of Natural Importance.

* Many wild animals use both these Greenbelts, as well as our declining Bee population, so important to our ecology.

* The tranquil Kilmacolm Cemetery sits directly next to these two Greenbelts. This peaceful area should remain peaceful.

* Quarry Drive and Planetreeyetts are both areas of outstanding natural beauty, overlooking the village of Kilmacolm, and the Renfrewshire hills further in view.

* Releasing these large Greenbelts for Private Large Scale Housing Development, would change the character of Kilmacolm village forever.

* Once one Greenbelt is released for development in Kilmacolm, all Greenbelts are at risk. The Precedent will have been set!

Please tell Inverclyde Planning Officers you want Quarry Drive and Planetreeyetts to REMAIN as Greenbelt, and to REMOVE them both as PREFERRED OPTIONS for release in the Inverclyde Council Main Issues Report..


The Main Issues Report can be read here, Pages 36 - 38:

Alternatively you can respond by:

Filling in and submitting the PDF or Word versions of the form on the website

Or e-mail with the subject heading ‘Main Issues Report’

Or write to: Planning Policy, Regeneration & Planning, Municipal Buildings, Clyde Square, Greenock, PA15 1LY

Thank you all once again!

They keep coming back, but we will keep fighting them off.

KRA Team

      Thank you for your assistance, and PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!!!

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