Australian Defence Force Members Killed-In-Service

Australian Defence Force Members Killed-In-Service

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Award a medallic CLASP on their campaign or service medal to complete their story of personal service and sacrifice.

All ADF personnel killed on war-like, non-war like operations and/or during general service should have that ultimate sacrifice reflected on their medals. Any symbolic gesture that is not directly linked to the ADF member’s service medals would not complete their service history and would also significantly detract from making the distinction of an ADF member who has made sacrifice in service.  

A medallic clasp could be worn on the Australian Defence Medal (ADM), a campaign medal, or other appropriate medal to meet the objective of this campaign. These medals are already in service, and have already been subject to a broad public awareness strategy.

Australia’s honours and awards system celebrates the sporting achievements of athletes and those who have excelled in academia and community service, along with everyday citizens who risk their lives for others. These awards tell the story of that person’s significant contribution to society. Defence families are honoured with a Remembrance Pin in acknowledgement of their sacrifices. Australian Defence Force (ADF) Members too receive medals, citations, clasps and commendations to tell the story of where they served and for how long. BUT of those Killed, Injured or Wounded in service or as a result of service, we do not officially personalise their sacrifice or conclude their record of service on their medals.  And it is those medals that tell the story of their service and sacrifices for the Nation. 

Acknowledging their Personal Sacrifice is the Right thing to do! 

The medallic clasp seeks to establish recognition for the sacrifices of ALL the fallen— 102,911 names of ADF personnel who have died in service to Australian units. Many are listed on the Australian War Memorial, and could include those recipients of DVA ‘accepted health conditions’ cardholders (for wounded and injured in service). The issue of a medallic clasp is a standard process in the ADF and prevents commentators from using cost as a justification to prohibit its introduction, or limit the number of ADF members eligible to receive recognition. It is a more logical approach than striking a ‘new medal’ that would require extensive marketing, exuberant cost, and gazetting into policy around honours and awards. Cost is important to this conversation as the cost savings could be better used to support other Defence and Veteran related causes.

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Please write to the Minister to express your support and include a return address for a response.

The Hon. Darren Chester MP
Minister of Veteran Affairs


"I would like the Australian Government to award a Killed-in-Service (KIS) CLASP (or other category clasp) on the campaign medal or on the most appropriate service medal of all Australian Defence Force (ADF) members killed on war-like, non-war like operations and/or during general service.

(I would also like to see medallic recognition for those wounded and injured in service (DVA ‘accepted health conditions’ cardholders), and First Responders Killed-In-Service. ”

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About the Petitioner

The campaign to recognise those Killed-In-Service, injured and wounded was the initiative of Warrant Officer Class 1 (Rtd) Kerry Danes, CSM  to honour fallen comrades in the Australian Defence Force and First Responders who have been Killed-In-Service and injured in the line of duty. 

Why a CLASP and not a new medal? 
A medallic clasp worn on the Australian Defence Medal (ADM), or campaign or other appropriate medal (pre-dating the ADM), offers the greatest flexibility, and most cost-effective approach to date, and the much-needed sensitivity in defining the categorisation relating to ADF service and sacrifice. The CLASP is the concept of Kerry Danes but the artwork was produced by Mr. Ben Doyle Cox, CEO/Director of Platypus Outdoors Group Pty Ltd. His support is greatly appreciated. 

Any other symbolic gesture to recognise the supreme sacrifice of an ADF member that is not directly linked to their service medals is not appropriate and nor would it complete that service history.

Why the Wattle?
The wattle is our national floral emblem linked to the Australian Bravery Association, the Order of Australia awards system and the highest office of the land - our Governor General, so it holds an appropriately prestigious place in the life of our nation. 

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Background (History):

May 2021 Update:

The Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal panel are currently considering two specific DATES to recognise the deaths of Australian members resulting from honourable military service with Australian units. You can still be part of this process by participating in our Poll:

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!