Help a children's programming club find new premises near Celbridge/Leixlip

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We are a small programming club called the LPTCDojo (a part of the CoderDojo organisation) for children from 7 to 17 years of age and entry is free of charge. We are essentially a little community where children are free to express themselves as coders, no matter what their background, gender or skin colour. Some take long drives to be here, others live a couple of minutes' walk away but we all share one thing in common. Our passion for coding. However, soon there will be no place for us to code and program.

For some, they look to each and every Saturday as two hours of joy and fun. Without a building with the proper facilities, this joy will not last much longer.  Our dream of making a generation of coders for the future will crumble. Children deserve the opportunity to be as happy as possible and the opportunity to express themselves. They need you now. We need you now. Do not fail us.