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Stop funding cruel animal tests

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I just heard the weirdest news and needed to do something about cruel animal tests supported by Kikkoman. It’s the popular soy sauce company you may recognize from the grocery store or restaurants.

According to information from PETA, Kikkoman "has been conducting and funding cruel and deadly experiments on animals in order to make health claims about its products." Animal tests sponsored by Kikkoman include feeding rabbits high-cholesterol diets to induce heart disease, surgically attaching stomach tubes to rats who were force-fed soy sauce and later decapitated, and breeding mice to be obese and then feeding them citrus extract.

There are no laws requiring these animal tests and there are better ways to study human health than force-feeding animals soy sauce.

Public pressure is important because companies as large as Coca-Cola have agreed to stop animal testing for food and beverage products in the past! It’s wrong to torture and kill animals for a soy sauce company. Let's stop them!

Please sign my petition telling Kikkoman to stop animal testing for its products.

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