Issues related to hostel allotment: KP14

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To whomever it may concern,

    Our branch has been allotted KP-14, for accommodation purposes. It is a matter of concern for us as the hostel rooms have got sharing washrooms between 2 rooms. We have a problem with this sharing arrangement as we can't adjust with this system because of sanitation issues. It is not bearable for us to share our washrooms because of which we opted for 2-bed ac rooms last year so that we don't have to face this. And pretty much we all have got the same timings for our classes and it will be chaotic because of this sharing during preparations for our classes too.

We don't expect any returns for the fees paid rather we want other arrangements for us as this will make our stay in hostel unbearable.

We humbly request you to take a look over this issue and please give us a solution for this.