Kyle Sandilands should be fired!

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This petition calls for the sacking of radio host Kyle Sandilands following his disgusting and defamatory comments on the Virgin Mary, a revered figure in both Christianity and Islam. In this day and age, where so called "religious fanatics" such as Isreal Folau get dismissed for offending homosexuals, thieves etc. should Sandilands vile, ignorant and outright offensive comments be held to a different standard?

Why the double standards? 

The commercial code of conduct in Claus 214 clearly outlines that radio stations cannot offend, discriminate against religion, sex and gender, and yet Sandilands did just that. An apology from Sandilands is not sufficient. When former rugby star Folau gets sacked for his offensive comments, why should Sandilands go with barely a slap on the wrist? As a society we should not tolerate any form of discriminatory or offensive speech against any group, whether religious or not. Kyle discriminated against two religious groups, making deplorable comments, knowing full well that he would receive a backlash. There should be no difference between offending homosexuals, thieves, fornicators etc, as Isreal Folau did compared to offending religion and religious groups. The latter, as we have witnessed so far, too often gets sweeped under the carpet or labelled "freedom of speech". If we are outraged by Falau's comments, we should be equally outraged by Sandilands comments. 

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